A Private Companion Just For You

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It has generally been recognized by psychiatrists and human watchers that women are more open than men when it comes to expressing their feelings. Feelings of loneliness and the need and desire for companionship. But that’s because men are naturally emotive when it comes to bleating on about being lonely. Men are taught to just “get on with it” and “man up” but all that bravado does nothing to take away the feeling of being alone and not having that urge and desire to communicate with other beings.

London Escort Service

But you cannot expect to just arrive at any city or town and suddenly expect every human to greet you with a cheery smile and strike up conversation. But there is a solution. That solution is to hire the services of a private companion, a girl to escort you around the big city, show you the bright lights, pay attention to the words you are saying, offer a shoulder and just be there for you and treat you with respect.

There has always been a stigma involved around the hiring of an escort girl. Many men would never consider it; some even think it’s at the same level as hiring the services of a lady of the night and there are men who believe that if they hire an escort girl they are only one step up from being a kerb-crawler.

The real truth is actually stranger than fiction: hiring an escort girl is legal (in the U.K.) and in London alone some 2,000 girls or more are working every night in the escort industry and they are all pretty much in demand. Agencies that have girls on its books will be several leagues up from the old-fashioned pimps you once saw in very old police dramas on American television in the seventies. They are regulated and don’t hide behind some seedy office block, and getting in touch with an agency is simpler today than it was ever before.

It wasn’t too many years ago when the internet was not part and parcel of everyday life, mobile phones were something that only used by telephone engineers and the web was something that spiders weaved. Hiring an escort girl then was calling a (landline) phone number you found in a phone box, left there by some seedy representative. But that was then, and now times have changed – dramatically so!